• I worked very closely with Maria Socha planning my daughters wedding for 7 months. She is professional and also knows her craft. I appreciated her education and superior communication skills that are so necessary in planning a wedding. I was most impressed with how she handled the inevitable bumps along the road. She is a pro at smoothing over situations and making them right. I could have never planned this very detailed wedding without her help. Maria always kept in mind the vision that my daughter had and that I felt the need to convey. She never faltered. The day of the wedding Maria was confident, supportive and a “take charge” planner with a fierce drive for perfection. She was the last one to leave and didn’t forget a single detail. I would never hesitate to hire and work with a wedding planner from the beginning stages to the very end. Sealed With A Kiss and Maria Socha made sure that I was ultimately a guest at my daughters wedding and that I was able to enjoy myself because she had every detail handled to the Nth degree. If I were to do it again, I would not hesitate to hire Maria and her staff. An exceptional experience.

    Annique (Mother of the Bride)

  • Maria was an excellent planner for my wedding. She worked with me, my husband and my family to plan a large wedding in New Mexico (while we live in London). From the very first meeting, I felt comfortable with Maria and her experience. She was able to bring up many points, details and aspects that I had never even thought of. She was helpful with ideas when we were stuck, but never pushed for anything that was not our own idea. She was very easy to be in contact with throughout the year-long planning process and was a great go-between between us and the venue. On the day of the wedding she took care of everything which allowed me, my family, and the wedding party to enjoy ourselves and the day. I would 100% recommend Maria and SWAK. She is professional, organized and caring about her work.

    Tori and Fraser

  • Maria was the absolute best money we spent on our wedding. It’s actually hard to write this review, because there is so much to say. I chose her month-of package, but she did so much more. She is a voice of calm and knowledge throughout the planning process. She is an expert problem-solver, so much so that nearly every serious planning problem I had basically disappeared once I asked for her help. I feel terrible because I had a total bridezilla moment on her a few days before the wedding, but she was so kind and professional about it. She had an answer for every question, and instantly developed a plan to address every conundrum.

    Maria was hugely valuable throughout planning, but she really shined on the day of the wedding. So many things were simply solved without me ever knowing about them. She perfectly executed my detailed décor plan, and in incredible time. My mother was so amazed at her total calm and grace through the day. She thought of things to do and fix before they even occurred to me. She appeared almost magically when I needed her. I can say legitimately that not a single consequential thing went wrong on the wedding day, due largely to her effort.

    I think of her now as a friend even more than a vendor, and a lifesaver even more than a friend. If I could only give brides in New Mexico one piece of advice, it would be to hire Maria!

    Jordyn and Manny

  • Maria puts her clients first in everything wedding. On our wedding day there were a few bumps (as with any wedding day) but we didn’t hear about it until later because Maria handled the issues with such grace. She is precise, organized, efficient, thoughtful, and goes above and beyond expectations. She was ready for every and any situation. I would choose SWAK over and over again when planning a wedding. Your desire is her desire.

    Faith and Steven

  • Maria did our wedding and my sister in law’s wedding. Both were absolutely incredible. She is professional, organized, and knows all the best vendors in Albuquerque. Our wedding day went so smoothly. She has a great eye for detail and exquisite taste. If you need a wedding planner, hire Sealed With A Kiss!

    Alesha and Lindsey

  • Maria was a life saver!! I clicked with her the second I met her and she was truly a part of my wedding. She is so down to earth but means business and gets the job done. She was extremely knowledgeable and had wonderful contacts. She was amazing with suggestions and she helped me stay within my budget 100%. She was fantastic during the entire planning process and the day of the wedding she was literally my life saver. Having her there allowed everyone to have a good time and not worry about logistics. I would recommend her to any bride and now that all is said and done, I consider her a friend. Using Sealed With A Kiss helped make my wedding even more special. Thank you!!

    Kelly and KC

  • Sealed with a Kiss is the best wedding planner New Mexico has to offer. Maria, the owner, is incredibly professional, organized, and above all else a pleasure to work with. She made my wedding day perfect! I hired SWAK for the month of planning, but if I could go back in time I would have hired them from the beginning. I highly recommend SWAK wedding planning service to any new bride to help take the stress out of their wedding day.

    Tara and Sean

  • I just got married a few weeks ago at Hotel Albuquerque. We had about 240 people attend and honestly, we would have never had such a great wedding if it weren’t for our amazing wedding planner! Maria offers a few different packages. We went with her largest package which I would absolutely recommend. It’s worth every penny. She was there every step of the way throughout our 10 month engagment and on the day of the wedding. If she hadn’t been there on the day of the wedding, I know that everyone including myself would have been so stressed out and worried about making sure everything went as planned. But because of her, I was able to completely enjoy my day with no worries, and so was everyone else. She took care of everything and made sure it all went off without a hitch (or at least she made me think there weren’t any hitches, which I’m completely ok with ;))Maria was everything I could have asked for in a wedding planner! She has such a passion for her job and it certainly shows. She was so patient throughout the entire processes which was definitely necessary when it came to my wedding and dealing with me and my crazy family. I know that we were sometimes not the easiest to work with. We wanted everything to be perfect, but doesn’t everyone on their wedding day? Maria never once made me feel like she was unsure about anything or that she didn’t have everything completely under control. I’m positive that there’s no way to plan a wedding without the occasional moments where you think everything has gone completely wrong, but Maria helped to keep those moments to a minimum and all problems were solved so quickly and efficiently. She was always available to talk about anything and everything. There’s no such thing as a stupid question (which I felt like I was asking a lot of since I had never done this whole wedding thing before). She’s knows the answer to just about everything and if she doesn’t, she does her very best find out. She has great connections and knows the best vendors in the city and she will make sure to suggest the best for your specific needs and wants. Every wedding is different and I know that she’s capable of accommodating just about everyone. She was always so professional and I’m so thankful that we decided to hire her! She made all of my dreams and visions come true! I would absolutely recommend her and give her 10 stars if I could!

    Carin and Charlie

  • Maria made our wedding absolutely flawless. If you want a day of relaxation before you walk down the aisle, hire Maria! She took care of everything! She is so knowledgable and will always give you an honest opinion. She helped me find a wonderful florist and also helped me unjumble the ideas I had in my head about how I wanted the day to go. In the end, absolutely everything went to plan, and I had a care-free and relaxed day getting ready for the ceremony. Maria, thank you so much for being so good at what you do!!!!

    Sara and Steven

  • On the day of the wedding, Maria made sure everyone was where they needed to be and that the ceremony and reception proceeded on time and as planned. It was huge relief for me not to have to worry about the timeline of the day. She made my bridal party feel at ease, and relieved all the stress for my mother, who said she would have been a wreck without Maria. She even picked up our cake and delivered it to the reception site! I would definitely recommend Maria of Sealed With A Kiss. Not having the stress of remembering all the details on your special day is worth hiring a planner whether it’s for full planning or just the “day of” coordination. Maria did a fantastic job for me and she will do a great job for you!

    Jamie and Chris

  • Maria is one of the most mature, calm, and organized people I have ever met. This combined with the fact that she has exquisite, classic taste and a romantic heart make her the ideal wedding planner…Maria is organized, quietly assertive, and intelligent. She listens to what you want and does not try to assert her own opinion into matters. She has great vision and an impeccable eye for style. She can hunt for bargains or lavish upon every detail, whatever you prefer. She will make planning your wedding fun with her contagious excitement, positivity, and passion. Whenever things get stressful, she will be there to remind you what the day is really about. She will go above and beyond to make sure that your wedding day is exactly as you have always dreamed it would be, and she will make your dreams come true! It is without reservation that I recommend Maria of Sealed with A Kiss for your event or wedding.

    Meghan and Paul

  • My mother, fiancé, bridal party, and I were able to enjoy our wedding day stress free, knowing that everything would run smoothly with Maria behind the scenes. Thanks to her wonderful creativity, prompt timing, and genuine people skills, our wedding was a wonderful and beautiful event. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a wedding and/or event planner.

    Neita and Steven

  • I had done the vast majority of the wedding planning but needed someone that I trusted to execute the day in a way that would allow me to enjoy it – rather than stress about it. Maria absolutely came through and I can safely say that hiring her was the smartest money we spent. From our first interactions, she was organized, thorough, thoughtful, and creative…seems like impossible just isn’t an option with Sealed With A Kiss. The day of our wedding, I was able to enjoy the time with my bridesmaids getting ready, be in the moment with my new husband and dance with my friends and family. I’m so thankful for all that Maria did to take my mind off the details. If you’re looking for someone that is professional and will execute your day with ease, you’ll find no one better than Maria of Sealed With A Kiss.

    Amanda and Grant

  • S.W.A.K. is truly amazing! We could not have had the wedding of our dreams without Maria. Working with her these past 8 months has been a joy. The way she handled our big fat greek wedding allowed us to take it all in and not worry about a thing. To all of you engaged couples out there, Maria of Sealed With A Kiss is a true professional and we would not have had the wedding of our dreams without her!

    Niki and Billy

  • The help Maria gave us was priceless. Her insight and organization made the entire planning process stress free. The wedding we could have created on our own versus the one we had with Maria’s help are completely different (in a good way). She helped us make our day what we envisioned. A simple “thank you” will never express how grateful we are. The wedding planning process was amazing and we have Maria of Sealed With A Kiss to thank for that!

    Nicole and Luis

  • The money we spent on our month of planning was the BEST money we spent on our wedding. If you are looking for a planner that will help you create the day of your dreams, Maria is it! Hire her! Do it!!

    Kelsey and Jon

  • I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for Maria and her expertise! I honestly would have quit so many times if I didn’t have her help. She made everything so easy and over time I began to think of her as more than our wedding planner, she became my friend.

    Jaclyn and George

  • I whole heartedly recommend Maria from Sealed with a Kiss for your wedding planning. Maria was more than amazing, she was invaluable! She literally saved our wedding day. Our wedding was to be in Tijeras, NM and as our wedding day approached there were reports of an ice storm approaching. We discussed potential back up plans but we were still hopeful the weather reports wouldn’t be as bad as predicted. Then the wedding day came and we woke up to cold winds, snow and ice. Maria was a calming presence for me that day. She took all the worry off my shoulders. She traveled to the venue to check the road conditions herself and found them to be icy with no hopes for improvement. We then had to make the decision to relocate the wedding. (By the way, my wedding was just 4 hours away when the decision was made). This is when Maria proved how great of a planner she is. She was resourceful, persuasive and efficient. In 4 hours, Maria found us a new venue, negotiated a refund from the original venue, she and her crew set up the new venue site and she navigated the challenges of herding a wedding party and all the wedding vendors into their new locations. She was a miracle worker and professional throughout the day! The most impressive aspect of Maria is her attention to detail and that she listens to what you want for your special day. When I walked into our reception hall just before the ceremony, I looked around and saw that Maria made sure that the new venue site was decorated and organized better than I had imagined. I cried happy tears because the only reason things looked the way they did is because Maria knew exactly what I wanted after countless discussions of wedding design and decoration. One of the best decisions I made in this whole process was choosing to hire Maria as my wedding planner. I knew she would be very helpful to me, but I just didn’t know how much so. I can’t say enough great things about Maria and Sealed with a Kiss. I highly recommend her to anyone!!!

    Lanier and Sam

  • Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the engagement party. Everything was perfect and we didn’t worry about a thing! We’ve had nothing but compliments–a good time was had by all. And most importantly our daughter and (future) son in law were thrilled!

    Nancy and Robert

  • Maria at Sealed with a Kiss is excellent!!! I needed someone coordinate with all my vendors, plan out the day, and then run the whole Wedding Day. Maria created a very detailed timeline, made sure all the players and vendors were on the same page and everything went perfectly! I am a perfectionist and Maria came in with a smile on her face and ran a great rehearsal and wonderfully smooth wedding day. Having Maria there took all my stress away and ensured everything went just the way we planned it! Thank you Maria!!! Maria also has many ideas, suggestions, vendor referrals, and even items to borrow for your big day. I would HIGHLY suggest her services!

    Molly and Jason

  • Maria (Sealed With A Kiss) was simply amazing as our wedding planner! She spent a lot of time with us to ensure she understood our vision, and brought professionalism and sanity to our wedding. She helped us with all of the details, and had great ideas when we needed advice. She was patient with us when the stress of wedding planning really got to us. She exceeded our expectations, and I don’t know what we would have done without her. Our wedding ended up being a special, lovely event – everyone has told us how much they enjoyed it. I highly recommend Maria and Sealed With A Kiss.

    Eliza and Jeremy

  • Thank you for all your (Maria from SWAK) fabulous help in planning our wedding! Everything was perfect–we couldn’t have pulled it off without you!

    Katy and Luke

  • Definitely wanted to recognize our wedding planner,Maria Socha. She was there every step of the way. From beginning to end she was available to answer any questions. From late night emails to early morning texts, Maria had things under control. An 8 page timeline of the event laid out every detail of the rehearsal and the wedding. From photo sessions, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and much much more she took care of everything. It was truly a well orchestrated event. Thank you Maria for all your hard work. Couldn’t have done it without you!

    Ami (Mother of the Bride)

  • I wanted to thank you (Maria from SWAK) for everything! You have gone above and beyond and we were very comfortable knowing you were there and keeping everyone focused. We are so grateful we had your help on such a special day!

    Joanne (Mother of the Bride)

  • Thank you can not express our heartfelt appreciation for all of your (Maria from SWAK) hard work and time spent on our wedding day. We couldn’t have dreamt of trusting anyone else with the tremendous job of organizing and planning our big day. Everything you did helped to make that day a dream come true. I was able to relax and enjoy the day because I knew you had everything taken care of…You are incredible at what you do and it was an absolute delight to have you be such a huge part of our day. You will always hold a special place in our hearts

    Andrea and Peter

  • Thank you so much for all of your (Maria from SWAK) work on our wedding. You are so calm, organized and commanding all at once. We couldn’t have done it without you!

    Camilla and Xavier