servicesMy services range from “month of planning” (the couple oversees most of the details and I make sure things run smoothly on the day of the event) to a more “full-service” approach, (I’m there every step of the way to accompany you to appointments, make suggestions etc.). I want only the best for you, and tailor my level of involvement to suit your needs, adding the finishing touches and facilitating communication across multiple channels.

I know… You don’t think you really need me… You’re thinking: “but I can’t afford a planner”- Every bride I’ve worked with has a budget. If you are willing to allocate valuable time and resources to an amazing photographer, an incredible DJ and a fanciful florist…. shouldn’t you insure them by hiring someone to oversee everything? My recommendations and research save you money and time.

Reason #2: “My mom and aunt are helping, so I don’t really need someone to help the day of…”- Your mom and aunt have the best intentions, but it’s their day too. Working at a wedding and attending a wedding are two very different dynamics. You wouldn’t ask your Uncle Bob to bake your cake (unless he’s a professional) and you shouldn’t expect a family member to assume the responsibility of supervising your “perfect” day, (trust me, it won’t turn out the way you envisioned it).

Executing a wedding is a huge responsibility and needs the advice and guidance of a professional. Don’t leave your big day to chance. It’s simply too important! I will be there to safety-pin your trailing train or wrangle renegade groomsmen…or just hold your hand and make sure it’s all OK.